OK but what do you actually do?

Design / Illustration

I do album art, promotional materials, web design, illustration and copywriting. As well as that, I'll also help you deal with printers and find web hosting, so you can get on with doing what you do best. Here's some things I've worked on:

Code / Teaching / Noise

As well building websites for my design clients, I'm also a front-end dev for Nowhere. Most of what I do for them is under NDA right now but I'm looking forward to sharing things with you soon.

I'm a workshop tutor with Shooting Roots, teaching traditional arts to young people, and I also run manga and photoshop workshops.

I also love singing and composing. I'm a vocalist with HarmonicBlend and recently collaborated with them on Cosmocrystal—an Ar Tonelico doujin album. You can hear more from me over at my Soundcloud.

Let's make things.

Like the sound/look of any of that? Get in touch, I'd love to work with you.